Train Transport ID (TTID)

In today’s business, internal IM rules usually do not permit any change of the operational train number on its planned route. Despite these rules very often the train number is changed for practical reasons e. g. in case of
  • trains running in advance or delayed,
  • trains have to be rerouted,
  • ad hoc trains suffering several train number changes internally and at borders - due to a very restricted time from path request to the train run, therefore leading to the use of already existing path sections and pattern paths – and also
  • RU decisions to change train characteristics.

RNE therefore proposes the following process to solve these issues and create a unique Train Transport ID:

Train Transport ID (TTID)

Short-term solution
Use existing international identifiers, such as the Path Coordination System (PCS, formerly PATHFINDER) Dossier ID, Train Information System (TIS, formerly EUROPTIRAILS) ID and the Leaflet 419-2, to ensure a unique identifier during a specific international business process. This is just an intermediate solution as long as the unique Train Transport ID is not in place and not used by all IMs or RUs.

Medium-term solution
Develop a unique TT ID (Train Transport ID) and to use it as a “master” ID. Necessary development in RNE tools shall be done to provide/use this TT ID. National IDs can already be linked to this TT ID. The TT ID will be used for international communication.

Long-term solution
Introduce (the rollout) of the unique Transport ID step by step into current national and other non-RNE international systems. This can and will be different for every process and every IM and RU.