Train Performance Management (TPM)

Today there is no common system by which Corridor Managers can measure, analyse, and manage train performance. This is resulting in a lost opportunity to improve corridor punctuality.

In order to provide a solid basis for the improvement of the performance, the process for its monitoring and analyzing has to be described and implemented.

The goal is to describe the method for regular monitoring and analysing of the international train performance by Performance managers and to describe the rules for planning and implementing the measures to improve the performance under the umbrella of RNE Corridor Management.
Although the main focus in the first step is on the Corridor Train Performance Management, all the processes will be developed in such a way that they could be used also for other Train Performance Management projects.

Implementation of the Train performance management on corridor level together with the domestic one will complete the whole process of performance management in railway business.
Main goals of Train Performance Management:
Process implementation:
Establish the Train Performance Management on corridor level

Process Implementation

Allocation of human resources:

Create a network of Performance managers

Network of Performance Managers
Benefits - Added value
  • international approach for punctuality analyses to improve the quality of train performance on corridor  and so to improve customer satisfaction and bring more traffic on rail
  • to fulfill current and future obligations for corridor punctuality monitoring (e.g. as requested  for ERTMS corridors)
  • to have a network of experts in place being able to fulfill the requirements for other performance monitoring projects (EPR, 3rd railway package, customer oriented quality circles)
  • to establish regular international cooperation on the quality performance (looking over the borders) between IMs themselves and also together with the RUs.
Latest status:
The pilot application of Train Performance Management is already ongoing on RNE Corridors C02 and C05.