Traffic Management Information

RFCs and IMs are requested to provide the same kind of information to the same recipients; but sometimes they have to do it more than once and in different ways; for this reason, RNE has started a project about traffic management information. The project team, consisting out of representatives of IMs and RFCs, has developed a “Common structure for providing the traffic management information” in a harmonised way in different documents (e.g. Corridor Information Documents), collected the relevant “Traffic Management Information” and made a proposal for its use and publication.

Starting in 2016, the Traffic Management Information (TMI) document, together with all annexes, is published on the RNE website (see section below) and will be regularly updated. The RFCs will use the new structure for TM information in their Corridor Information Documents (CIDs) for the year 2018 and put relevant traffic management information directly there, or refer to RNE’s website.

In the future the above structure will be integrated into the Customer Information Platform (CIP) and until this has been developed, the RNE webpage and/or the CID will remain available to publish this information.

Traffic Management Information (TMI)

The Traffic Management Information (TMI) document provides a detailed overview of the traffic management information content and structure; its annexes provide concrete traffic management information for the RFCs-related border sections.

The following information can be found in the document:

Traffic Management information

The complete Traffic Management Information document can be downloaded here.

The Annexes in Excel format can be downloaded here.

Common structure for providing traffic management information

The project team has delivered the final document that describes the common structure for publishing traffic management information within RFCs-related documents (e.g. CID).

All other downloads can be found here.