Traffic Management

Traffic Management tasks are carried out by the Traffic Management working group, whose mission is to develop and improve operational processes in order to facilitate and enhance cooperation between RNE Members and RFCs at the traffic management level.

RNE strives to improve cooperation between IMs and RUs at the operational level.

The Traffic Management Working Group

  • identifies international operational processes and examines possibilities for their harmonisation
  • sets up measures to bring about operational improvements, if relevant together with the Rail Freight Corridors
  • provides a platform for the exchange of best practices and experiences related to traffic management
  • takes care of the functional improvement of the Train Information System as regards real-time information exchange and use.

PAST ACTIVITIES – Achievements

Achievements in the past years include:

  • Overview of priority rules in operations: collecting information on priority rules applied in operation by RNE Member-IMs and describing them in a comprehensive document ('Overview of the priority rules in operation'). In addition, a web page was created to provide a quicker, more user-friendly view of the same information.
  • Traffic Management: within the framework of the services provided by RNE to the IMs and Allocation Bodies to help them fulfil the EU Regulation concerning the Rail Freight Corridors, a ‘Framework for Setting up a Freight Corridor Traffic Management System' was created.
  • Traffic Control Centres Communication (TCCCom): “Guidelines for communication between traffic control centres” were created, describing the basic conditions and rules for establishing regular communication channels between different traffic control centres. To support implementation of these communication channels, an IT tool enabling multilingual communication was developed. More details can be found on the TCCCom page.
  • Standardisation and publication of Traffic Management Information: on the one side, RFCs and IMs are requested to provide the same kind of information to the same recipients; but sometimes they have to do it more than once and in different ways. The project team, consisting of representatives of IMs and RFCs, developed the “Common structure for providing the traffic management information” in a harmonised way in different documents (e.g. Corridor Information Documents), collected the relevant “Traffic Management Information” and made proposals for their use and publication. For more information, please visit TMI section.


In 2016, the Traffic Management Working Group will deal with the following projects.
  • Pre-study on Corridor train and priority rules definition
  • Dispatching of freight trains in case of capacity reduction
  • Harmonisation of Train Number Validity Period.
All downloads can be found here.