Towards a single European railway area

Developing a single set of legal and commercial rules
Historically, legal and commercial rules (including capacity allocation, charging principles, and conditions for cancelling train paths) have diverged widely between countries. RNE’s role is to harmonise and simplify international rail transport processes, thereby increasing both their efficiency and transparency.

Here fair treatment of all train path requests (whether submitted by independent or incumbent RUs) is paramount. Ensuring that customers can use the same forms or contracts no matter where their freight consignments are being transported is also a pre-requisite to make rail transport more attractive.

Directive 2012/34 (Recast)
The LM WG has analysed the potential impact of EU Directive 2012/34 (Recast) on the rules and procedures of RNE Members in their IM role. It has also assessed its impact on RNE itself as an association.