language programme

Abatement of language barriers

In the last few years, the language barriers topic has become well discussed within the European railway industry. Today drivers must speak the language of the infrastructure manager. Because of this, the internationally operating train drivers need to speak more than their native language. Above this, the importance for the IMs to communicate with each other during deviating situations is recognised and has recently been more prioritised.

Together with the Agency (ERA) and the RU Dialogue, RNE is working on proposals of potential solutions for removing language barriers. Different communication areas will be covered, where the work group is trying to find a solution to improve interoperability, lower costs and make sure safety is at least as high as current levels.

Predefined messages are being collected from IMs and investigation in different automatic translation tools are the main priorities during 2018.

Along the line of the objective, the target deadline is to have a solution available by the end of year 2020.