Incident Management

Dispatching of Freight Trains in disrupted situations

In case of big disturbances, when capacity is significantly reduced, Infrastructure Managers (IMs) have to agree, which trains can continue to run as planned, which trains have to be parked and where they should be parked. In today’s situation, this process requires several phone calls or the exchange of excel sheets, or does not happen at all. As a result, border stations get blocked by trains that are not taken over by neighbouring IMs.

In order to facilitate the communication in disrupted and stressful situations, it was proposed to develop an online ‘Park or Run’ tool, which will help dispatchers to identify the trains directly affected by the interruption. Furthermore it will also provide the possibility for online communication with affected IMs (and, in the future, also RUs) about which trains may run as planned and which should be parked and where they should be parked. In addition the tool could help speeding up border processes in daily business and minimise track occupation times in marshalling yards.

The project team has prepared a detailed proposal for the ‘Park or Run’ tool, to be developed within TIS, taking into account all of the above mentioned requirements in a user-friendly way.

Updates on the development of the tool will be published on this site.