Timetabling Documents

International Timetabling Process Handbooks and Path Request Forms
RNE has published the following documents:
  • Handbooks on international timetabling processes for customers which, in general, are Railway Undertakings. These handbooks describe the processes involved in the co-ordination of the international timetable in all its design phases, from the planning of the annual timetable to ad-hoc path requests in the running timetable. These processes are applied by all RNE Members.
  • Path Coordination System (PCS, formerly PATHFINDER) process guidelines, which clearly define roles and responsibilities.
  • Path request form for international train path requests and studies which is accepted by all RNE Members.

All documents needed in connection with the timetabling process may be downloaded below:
» Customer Handbook for processes for international timetabling
» Procedures for Late path request management
» Procedures for Ad-hoc path request management
» Path Request Form for the annual timetable
» Simplified Path Request Form for individual ad-hoc requests
» Calendar with Timetable deadlines
» PCS Guidelines 2015 - V1.0
Translations of the documents for international timetabling
Customer Handbook
tl_files/RNE_Upload/Flags/flag_france.png » French copy of the handbook (provided by RFF)
tl_files/RNE_Upload/Flags/flag_germany.png » German copy of the handbook (from DB Netz website)
tl_files/RNE_Upload/Flags/flag_slovakia.png » Slovak copy of the handbook (provided by ZSR)
tl_files/RNE_Upload/Flags/flag_spain.png » Spanish copy of the handbook (provided by ADIF)

Path Request Form
tl_files/RNE_Upload/Flags/flag_spain.png » Spanish translation of the Path Request Form

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