Supporting IT

RNE IT Strategy

The main aim of RNE’s IT strategy is to facilitate the practical development and implementation of tools according to the RNE business strategy. Hence RNE IT applications support fast and easy access to the European rail infrastructure, as well as increase the quality of services and efficiency of international rail traffic.
For the development of IT tools it is essential to fulfil both the requirements of RNE’s members and their customers’ needs. Additionally European Regulations, such as TAF TSI and TAP TSI and the new European rail network for competitive freight, must be taken into account. And in the current economic situation, IT development and maintenance must be as cost-efficient as possible. At the same time, RNE needs to achieve the highest standards regarding IT support for its members, the Infrastructure Managers (IMs), and their customers, the Railway Undertakings (RUs).
It must be stressed that national developments are usually required to allow members and customers to benefit to the fullest possible extent from RNE tools.
RNE IT Achievements
  • Set up a clear and transparent IT governance system that brings together all 35 rail infrastructure companies to ensure national support and developments.
  • Managed most of the international IT projects for the IMs.
  • Defined the process for starting new IT activities following the new RNE project management guidelines.
  • Managed and co-ordinated the international implementation of the TAF TSI by leading the TAF TSI IM Cluster and most TAF TSI Working Groups (WGs).
  • Implemented the agreed business processes into RNE tools.
  • Increased the reliability and use of RNE applications.
  • Created a Service Desk for the users of RNE applications.
  • Set up the RNE IT Board to increase the commitment of the national member organisations to contribute to international IT developments.
  • Moved all RNE applications to one RNE Data Centre in order to reduce IT costs.
  • 24/7 operational service for RNE Path Coordination System (PCS, formerly PATHFINDER), Train Information System (TIS, formerly EUROPTIRAILS) and Click&Ride.
  • The RNE IT Board and the TAF TSI IM Cluster will meet twice a year.
  • Support will be provided for the further implementation of the already validated RNE business processes.
  • The TAF TSI WGs will define the milestones for TAF TSI implementation in cooperation with the RUs by April 2011.
  • RNE IT will promote the further implementation of the newly-developed IT functions – covering the IM processes – into the domestic systems.