Facilitating cross-border railway traffic – RNE Regulatory Bodies Conference 2010

November 22, 2010

Regulatory Bodies Conference 2010On 4th November 2010, the RNE Regulatory Bodies Conference 2010 took place in Brussels. The talks mainly revolved around the latest developments concerning RNE IT tools designed to facilitate cross-border traffic within Europe and about the regulation for a European Rail Network for Competitive Freight (ERNCF).

Representatives from a number of European rail Regulatory Bodies attended the meeting, as well as European Commission officials and representatives of CER and EIM. The panel was completed by members of the RNE Managing Board and other RNE representatives.

First the discussion focused on IT tools that RNE is currently working on (PATHFINDER, EUROPTIRAILS, Click&Ride and EPR). Next some attention was also devoted to the latest developments concerning the European General Terms and Conditions (EGTC), which RNE developed together with the CIT (International Rail Transport Committee); supported by CER and EIM. An agreement has been reached, which now needs to be approved by the General Assembly of RNE before the end of the year – the CIT’s General Assembly has already endorsed it. You can find more information on the European General Terms and Conditions (GTC) here.

Finally RNE presented its strategic approach regarding the implementation of the ERNCF. At the end of the conference, Maurizio Castelletti (Head of Unit in the European Commission’s DG MOVE) indicated that the European Commission is currently working on guidelines for the implementation of the new Freight Regulation. He further indicated that stakeholders will be consulted on a draft version to be published before the end of the year.

In the meantime, a date for next year’s conference – to be held in Vienna – has been set: Thursday 27 October 2011.

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