Process Calendar

The RNE Process Calendar provides a quick overview of the main processes and milestones within the international timetabling process. It displays information that is relevant both for train paths Applicants and Infrastructure Managers/Allocation Bodies.

RNE and its Members agreed some time ago to make use of common deadlines within the timetabling process. Each year, the exact dates and time frames for the various process steps are defined and agreed on by RNE Members together.

Nevertheless, in some countries RNE Members are not allowed to take autonomous decisions. So it may happen that due to national conditions and regulations, divergences regarding some deadlines have to be taken into account. We therefore suggest that customers should consult the Network Statements of the relevant Infrastructure Managers or Allocation Bodies.

RNE has harmonised the major deadlines within the international timetabling process for the annual timetable as follows:

  • Deadline for path ordering for the annual timetable:
  • every year on the second Monday in April
  • Deadline for drafting the international timetable:
  • every year on the Monday at the beginning of the 13th week after the path request date
  • Deadline for final answers to customers:
  • every year on the Monday at the beginning of the 19th week after the path request date.
For more detailed information on the common timetable deadlines and detailed descriptions of the process steps shown in the calendar, please click here:

Updates of the annual timetable:

The annual timetable (both for freight and passenger traffic) does not stay unchanged during its period of validity. Applicants place requests in the running timetable which concern either the start of new train services or modifications (cancellation and new requests) to already existing train services. Hence it is necessary to make regular updates and the timetable is updated and published at specific dates. The dates are applicable for the running timetable according to every Infrastructure Manager's/Allocation Bodies process.

Updates of the annual timetable in 2016:

Publication of Timetable Updates:
Timetable Updates 2016

Editorial deadlines:
Editorial deadlines 2016
Updates of the annual timetable in 2017:
Publication of Timetable Updates:
Timetable updates 2017
Editorial deadlines:
Editorial deadlines 2017
Updates of the annual timetable in 2018:
Publication of Timetable Updates:
Timetable updates 2018
Editorial deadlines:
Editorial deadlines 2018

It is always possible for applicants to place path requests during the period of validity of the running timetable. However, in order to allow time for a harmonised publication and update of the IMs’ systems, there are editorial deadlines specifying the time limits for accepting path requests; by complying with these deadlines, applicants secure the inclusion of their paths in the next publication of the timetable update. Naturally, this does not stop information from being given to customers before publication, and this does not stop trains from running. Paths requested after the editorial deadline can only be included in the subsequent official publication – i.e. the update after the next timetable update.