Overview of the priority rules in operation

In the framework of the activities related to the support of RNE`s members in implementing the EU Regulation for a European Rail Network for Competitive Freight (EU Regulation 913/2010 – RFC) RNE has collected the information regarding the priority rules applied in operation by its member IMs and described them in a comprehensive document (“Overview of the priority rules in operation”).

In order to give a quicker and more user-friendly view of the content of the document and to help both IMs and RFC bodies finding the information they need, this web page has been created. Details about the priority rules used in each network are described in so-called „dossier“.

The user can search for  one or more specific dossier using the search mask  below.

A booklet is created containing the information asked. The entire document can also be downloaded (on the right)

Disclaimer: The information included in this page has been provided by the interested IMs. RNE cannot be held responsible for any mistake it might contain