Priority Rules in Operations


Within the framework of the activities providing support to RNE Members with the implementation of EU Regulation 913/2010, RNE has collected much information regarding the priority rules applied in operation by its member IMs and described them in a comprehensive document (‘Overview of the Priority Rules in Operation’).
In order to display the contents of the document in a quicker, more user-friendly way and to help both IMs and RFC bodies to find the information they need, a web page was also created. Details about the priority rules used in each network are described in ‘dossiers’.



tl_files/RNE_Upload/Traffic and Train/priority_rules_ss.JPG


The user can search for one or more specific dossiers using the search mask below.

A booklet is then created, containing the requested information. The entire document can also be downloaded (see Download box to the right).
Disclaimer: the information included in this page has been provided by the IMs concerned. RNE cannot be held responsible for any mistake it might contain.