One-Stop-Shop (OSS) - Services

The following services are provided by RNE OSS:
OSS - Network Access
Network access

In order to make access to rail infrastructure easier, OSS contact points inform customers about network access (e. g. safety certificate) and assist customers’ efforts to comply with existing rules.
OSS - Network Statement
Network Statement, timetabling handbooks & standard contract templates

You can easily access all RNE Member Network Statements (containing all relevant information regarding access to rail infrastructure), timetabling handbooks and other important documents.
OSS - Pricing Information
Pricing information

Information concerning infrastructure charges can be requested from OSS contact points along with all other line characteristics, or directly with the support of the Charging Information System (CIS).
OSS - International train path management
International train path management (ITPM)

OSS ITPM core services include: assistance with the formulation of international path studies and requests, coordinated path planning by involved IMs/ABs and delivery of appropriate path offers with support of the Path Coordination System (PCS).

In addition OSS contact points take care of harmonised, international path requests in cases where the PCS web tool cannot be used yet. Path requests that have been fully harmonised by all involved Applicants result in a higher quality of the ensuing path offers. Path requests are answered within agreed and harmonised deadlines which are based on legal requirements.

OSS - Transport planning
Transport planning

Customers can make use of OSS advice for international transport planning and the coordination of international path studies. Information delivery on terminals, sidings, yards, services, etc. and specifics of the border-crossing railway lines is also part of the OSS service portfolio along with the provision of contact details for all RNE Members.
OSS - Operations monitoring
Operations Monitoring

OSS contact persons promote Train Information System (TIS) and provide access to the system.
OSS - After Sales
After sales

Competent settlement of customer complaints and suggestions on how to improve rail service efficiency with the support of the TIS system complement the OSS representatives' extensive service bundle.