One-Stop-Shop (OSS)

OSS - One-Stop-Shop
ONE Europe - ONE Service
RNE has established one OSS contact point in every member country.
Each customer can choose its favoured OSS contact point for all its needs regarding international rail services.

From the initial questions related to network access to international path requests and performance review after a train run – all these issues and more are handled by one contact point for the whole international train journey at the customers' convenience.

Customers of RNE Members who run international rail services can therefore make use of the RNE One Stop Shop’s bundle of services:

  • A network of contact points guiding customers through the whole range of procedures: gaining network access, planning of efficient international rail transport, international train path management (ITPM) and performance review after train operation. Response times have been standardised at a customer-friendly level – the attainment of these service levels is currently being tested.

  • OSS experts drawn from sales and timetabling merge their expertise in these fields to serve customers together with the OSS contact points.

  • IT tools further assist applicants by giving price estimates for rail infrastructure use, by coordinating international train path ordering and supply processes, and by tracking & tracing international trains in real time.

For more information on the RNE OSS Services please click one of the services listed below:

OSS - Network Access
OSS - Network Statement
OSS - Pricing Information

OSS - International train path management

OSS - Transport planning
OSS - Operations monitoring
OSS - After Sales

Please click here for: OSS Network contact details