Network Statement Glossary

The RNE Network Statement Working Group has developed an easy-to-use Glossary of terms related to Network Statements. The definitions in this Glossary are written in a clear language using as little technical or legal jargon as possible. They provide practical guidance both to IMs/ABs and their customers.

RNE Network Statement Glossary
Excerpt from the RNE Network Statement Glossary

As the railway sector is undergoing rapid change in Europe, this Glossary is a dynamic document, updated and expanded as the need arises. Comments from readers and requests for further definitions are very welcome. Please send your observations or requests to the RailNetEurope Joint Office:

Please note the Legal Disclaimer, which stresses that the available material is for information purposes only and that definitions are not legally-binding. By using this Glossary, you agree to the terms of the Legal Disclaimer.

To download the glossary click here.

To download the Network Statement Glossary Brochure click here.