Joint Office Tasks

The foundation of RailNetEurope (RNE) in 2004 led to the establishment of a Joint Office (JO) in Vienna, Austria, headed by a Secretary General. The JO is responsible for day-to-day business, the coordination of international Working Groups and the management of international IT systems under the guidance and supervision of the RailNetEurope Managing Board – in compliance with decisions taken by the RailNetEurope General Assembly.

In 2015, the RNE Joint Office counted 17 employees from 8 different European countries working in close cooperation on the RNE premises in the centre of Vienna. About one-third were on secondment from their national rail infrastructure company, the others were hired directly from the labour market.

The staff’s professional experience covers the following core areas: timetabling, operations, marketing, sales, IT (from system architecture to data quality), communications, transport policy and project management – including the European dimension of work in all these areas.

In addition, the Joint Office works in close cooperation with the University of Graz, especially in the field of software development and e-learning.

Joint Office tasks

The main task of the Joint Office is to provide support for the core international business processes of RNE Members.

Thus the RNE Joint Office:

  • Co-ordinates RNE strategy and project planning
  • Co-ordinates the process and service development of RNE
  • Co-ordinates and provides support to the RNE Working Groups, RFCs and ad-hoc project teams for RFCs, both in their project work and their day-to-day business
  • Provides a coordination platform to the RFCs and other services
  • Develops and runs the four RNE IT systems: PCS, TIS, CIS and CCS
  • Co-ordinates the implementation of TAF TSI for the IMs, and manages some TAF/TAP TSI-related groups
  • Organises the EU Rail Freight Day jointly with the European Commission
  • Organises the annual Technical Meeting for the co-ordination of the international annual railway timetable
  • Organises the annual RNE-Regulatory Bodies Conference
  • Organises the annual ‘PCS Day’ (training for PCS users and information exchange platform)
  • Cooperates with other international rail-related organisations (such as the CER, CIT, EIM, ERA, FTE, and UIC)
  • Manages RNE day-to-day business, such as administration and finances, incl. the financial management of European Union funding
  • Is in charge of internal and external communication regarding RNE events, projects, products, services and publications.