Framework for Setting up a Freight Corridor Traffic Management System

The provisions of the Freight Regulation concerning traffic management build a complex picture, where traffic management strategy is linked to other RFCs' tasks, but do not mandate any specific rules.

The document ‘Framework for Setting up a Freight Corridor Traffic Management System’ deals with the issue in two stages:

  • Part 1: guides the RFCs/IMs through the provisions of the Freight Regulation, so that they can easily assess whether they already meet them or not
  • Part 2: provides tools and procedures to help those corridors needing them to fulfil the Regulation’s requirements, in case the assessment conducted in Stage 1 indicates that this is necessary.

In particular, the second part contains suggestions on how to:

  • coordinate communication procedures (this issue is linked with TCCCom)
  • sketch operational scenarios in case of disturbance