European General Terms and Conditions (EGTC)

EGTC (European General Terms and Conditions) is a joint RNE-CIT project. The standardised terms and conditions of use of railway infrastructure stipulate the general legal, administrative, technical and financial contractual conditions of use of an IM’s railway infrastructure by an RU, without prejudice to additional or specific provisions agreed by the parties.

In 2005 negotiations between RNE and the CIT (Comité international des transports ferroviaires) were launched to define a common structure and common principles on which to base these General Terms and Conditions. The CER, UIC and EIM were also involved.

This was the very first attempt to harmonise the IM-RU contractual relationship at that level and constituted a great challenge. A consolidated draft, agreed in November 2006, concluded the first stage of the work.

In 2007-2009, the LM WG pursued negotiations with the CIT (involving also the CER, UIC and EIM). In October 2010, agreement on the remaining open points was reached.

On 18 May 2011, the EGTC agreement was presented to representatives of the European Commission at a meeting in Brussels attended by the CIT Secretary General and representatives from CER and EIM.

In 2014 both CIT and RNE approved suggestions made by CIT legal experts and the RNE LM WG to update the EGTC following the publication of EU Directive 2012/34 (Recast). As a result, stipulations on service facilities were introduced.


  • E-GTC-I 2014 *Please note that the new EGTC version will be available for download as soon as all language editing and translations have been completed.