European Performance Regime (EPR)

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In 2008 an EPR Memorandum of Understanding on the EPR development was signed by many UIC and RNE Members and in March 2009 UIC called for volunteering Companies along the Train Information System (TIS, formerly EUROPTIRAILS) corridors to start the preparations for the EPR Pilot Application. The following Companies volunteered to be part of the EPR Early Implementers Group.

EPR Pilot Applicants

EPR Pilot Applicants

The EPR Working Group have defined the operational procedure and put in place the IT tools to carry out the Pilot Application. In particular, they aimed to create a system that allows:

  • Automatic monitoring of the train (improving TIS), validation of the delay causes and calculation of penalties (setting up of EPR validation and calculation tool)
  • Ensuring a high level of data quality (reliability/completeness)
  • Reporting of the results (Oracle Discoverer interface with TIS and EPR tools).

As illustrated by the table above, the participants in the Pilot Application add up to 28 partners, IMs and RUs, crossing 8 countries and 9 route clusters.
The total amount of train numbers monitored is currently around 200. Regular reports are produced and made available for the different parties, both at operational and high level, and both from a general and route-based point of view.