Data Quality Management

The Train Information System (TIS) is a traffic data collection tool managed by RNE. It can be used to analyse train performance both at company level (for example, RUs that receive raw data from RNE feeding their own company systems) and at international level (Rail Freight Corridors).

TIS data quality is a crucial factor in ensuring reliability of the analyses and the usability of the conclusions drawn.
However, ‘TIS data quality’ may have different meanings. Therefore, RNE drew up a structured framework defining the different meanings of data quality and their related procedures (reports, evaluation, corrective actions, responsible partners, KPIs) and published them in the ‘Handbook for TIS Data quality Management’.

Definitions and indicators

The meaning and scope of TIS data quality has been identified for three fields of action:


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Reporting Tools

For each indicator the appropriate reporting tool and type of analysis have been agreed, in summary:
  • Basic data quality is mostly measured using specific TIS monitoring tools made available by the IT provider
  • Data quality indicators in train performance management reports are mostly provided by TIS (functions defined to support EPR) for data quality and processed using OBI SE
  • Some indicators require a specific calculation formula, applied using OBI SE.
The data quality process envisages the production of monthly and quarterly reports.

Process and responsible partners

As TIS is fed by different national systems, data quality problems may occur at different stages of the TIS process:
  • delivery of incorrect data by national systems
  • wrong or incomplete data transfer from national systems to TIS
  • incompatible data provision from several national systems concerning the same train
  • incorrect data procedure or data loss within TIS
  • incorrect data transfer to subsystems (such as OBI)
  • wrong data processing or data loss in subsystems.
In order to provide reliable information at all these stages, data quality checks have to be performed. A process was implemented, in which partners responsible at each stage are involved (IT provider, RNE and IMs) and a network of IMs ‘Data Quality Contact Persons’ (DQCs) was established.

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Download: TIS Data Quality Management Hadnbook and Annexes (ZIP)