Corridor Management

RNE’s New Role
Since its inception in 2004, it has been RNE’s aim to harmonise the core processes for the international railway business of Infrastructure Managers (IMs) or Allocation Bodies (ABs). In late 2005 RNE adopted a Corridor Management approach in order to promote RNE objectives and generate benefits on the main corridors carrying international rail traffic. Since November 2015, all but one RNE Corridors have been replaced by Rail Freight Corridors.

Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs)

The Regulation (EU) No. 913/2010 concerning a European Rail Network for Competitive Freight (Rail Freight Regulation) entered into force on 9 November 2010, RNE became a service provider and expert support provider of choice for RFC Organisations in the areas of developing harmonised methods and processes, and developing and operating tools. In 2014, this mandate was further extended in order to achieve a stronger harmonisation of the RFCs’ various implementation approaches. RNE now  provides a coordination platform for the RFCs to jointly develop harmonised processes and tools applied on various RFCs, to the benefit of the Applicants, as well as IMs and ABs that are part of several RFCs.

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RFC Corridors