RailNetEurope       RailNetEurope (RNE) was created in January 2004. As a non-profit making association of Infrastructure Managers and Allocation Bodies (IMs/ABs), it is dedicated to facilitating International Traffic on the European Rail Infrastructure.

RNE's aims

RNE’s aims are to provide support to Railway Undertakings (RUs) in their international activities (both for freight and passengers) and increase the efficiency of the IMs’ processes. Together, the Members of RailNetEurope are harmonising international rail transport conditions and introducing a corporate approach to promote the European railway business for the benefit of the entire rail industry across Europe.

RNE's tasks
RNE’s tasks are carried out by four standing working groups and by ad-hoc project groups co-ordinated by the RNE Joint Office, which is based in Vienna, Austria. In the end of 2010 RNE has additionally received the mandate to become the service provider of choice and expert support provider for corridor organisations in the areas of developing and operating methods, processes and developing and operating tools.

RNE network
Currently, RailNetEurope is a partnership of 36 IMs/ABs, who are either full or associated members, or candidate members. All in all their rail networks add up to well over 230 000 km.

In its daily work, RailNetEurope strives to simplify, harmonise and optimise international rail processes such as:
  • co-operation between IMs in the field of operations,
  • after-sales services (e.g. reporting).

10 years of RNE anniversary

In December 2013 RailNetEurope celebrated its 10th anniversary. A booklet with highlights of 10 years of RNE has been published and is available as digital version:

10 years of RNE booklet