Click&Ride - C07

Click&Ride C07

Pilot with transport-time paths on the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor (RNE Corridor C07)

If you are a Railway Undertaking running trains on the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor, we can offer you last-minute infrastructure access – within a few hours only.

Train service within 2 hours
Provided that the train service can be coordinated by you and your partner RU(s) within two hours, your joint request will be automatically forwarded to all concerned Infrastructure Managers; those will confirm your request within two hours and no more than 2 hours later you will get your first timetabling documents – one hour before the requested departure time of your train!

Click&Ride application
Our web-based application presents the anticipated journey times between main hubs – so that you can work out your estimated arrival time before ordering. Furthermore, you can enter all intermediate stops needed and the parameters of your train and the IM will try to match these.

This completely new tool constitutes a modern possibility to order paths from five days to seven hours before departure – and, of course, it is free of charge.

Path order
The steps below show how quickly and easily a path order can be made by using Click&Ride.

1. Login 2. Select countries &
Partner RU(s)
3. Select operation points & define parameters

Click&Ride C07 - Step 1      Click&Ride C07 - Step 2     Click&Ride C07 - Step 3
4. Preview & RU Harmonisation
5. Monitor progress
Click&Ride C07 - Step 4 Click&Ride C07 - Step 5

To view the details of the web application steps details in chronlogical order please click here: Web application steps

You can download the Click&Ride C07 brochure here: Click&Ride - C07

Become a Click&Ride User
If you are interested in becoming a Click&Ride User please contact the Click&Ride user support at