Catalogue & Tailor - Made Paths

Catalogue Paths

In order to make more efficient use of existing infrastructure capacity, IMs/ABs have created pre-constructed ‘catalogue paths’ for freight traffic on their main corridors. These paths are built on a capacity-maximising basis and are published in the form of path catalogues 11 months prior to a timetable change according to the requirements of EU Directive 2001/14. The published catalogues are intended as an aid for preparing applications for path requests. RUs are not obliged to request catalogue paths; they may equally apply for a tailor-made path. However, in densely-used networks, it is much more likely that possible conflicts will be avoided if a catalogue path has been requested.

Catalogue Paths for Timetable 2012 are now available in PCS.

RNE and its Members offer path catalogues on a corridor-oriented basis. For details click here: RNE Corridor Management


Tailor - Made Paths

It is of course possible for train paths to be tailor-made at your request – thus providing a customised solution. The IMs/ABs will provide individualised advice and a specific offer.

Path requests
To make requests for catalogue or tailor-made paths, the web application Path Coordination System (PCS, formerly PATHFINDER) or the path request form are at the disposal of the applicants.

Click&Ride: new instant capacity path product under development
The freight transport industry requires more flexibility, which means taking into account very specific needs in the short-term range. Therefore RNE and its Members are currently developing a new product which will substantially shorten response times for international path applications for transport needs at short notice.
Two pilots on the RNE Corridors C04 and C07 will describe relevant experiences and market expectations.